Fireworks Improvements Project

Recently I was fortunate enough to participate in the work as a UI designer to help redesign old Fireworks extensions in Linus Limm project Fireworks Improvements Project.

Linus Lim (Singapore)

The main goal of the project is to redesign and rethink the old add-ons for Adobe Fireworks. As you know many developers over time cease to update their add-on, but lay out the source code so that it can be adapted to current realities in the field of usability and design and overall functionality of application.

I learned about the intentions of Linus initiation of this project when he posted in Twitter following message.

I liked the idea of Linus because in my daily workflow I had been using extensions for Fireworks on a daily basis as a UI designer.

I offered to help and we will continue with Linus in the pair continued to work. Linus strongly raised the bar in the redesigning, currently planned to subject an update following extensions:

Alignment Guides 
Extension to automatically have the guides along the edges of the object as well as the center of the object, which allows you to easily measure the distance between objects. Also add-on allows to save the the document guides to the file or copy and paste from clipboard.
Done: 100%

Auto Save Panel
Extension allows to configure the automaticly save the document by timer. This will help ensure that you retain the fruits of your work and forget about that need to track the preservation of the document.
Done: 99%

Transform Panel 
Panel is designed to accurately transform objects. Also allows you to transform an object from an arbitrary point of the object as from the center or from the edges of the object.
Done: 60%

Used Fonts Panel
Extension shows the list of fonts used in the document with the ability to set font for the selected text in document from this list of fonts.
Done: 80%

Project Notes Panel 
Panel allow you to save notes for document as for the whole document and to the selected objects on the canvas.
Done: 90%

Versions Panel
Extension allows you to save a document in several different versions of the design and switched between versions in the same file.
Done: 50%

Wireframes Panel 
Set of wireframe objects for prototyping.
Done: 5%

Duplicate,Offset, Rotate Panel 
Panel makes it easy to clone an object with many options for cloning both in space and the deformation scale.
Done: 30%

Layers Commands Panel 
The panel makes it easy to manipulate the layers.
Done: 40%

And some other interestiing extensions, work for which only planed. Watch for updates.
It would be very nice if these additions were included in the official release of Adobe Fireworks CS6 :)

UPD: project moved here Phoenix project