iPhone 4 & 4S Symbols Library for Fireworks CS5 and Less

Working on design or prototype for mobile application I got more and more convinced that 50% what my work is from time to time is routinen. The mobile application UI clearly standardized I have to constantly copy graphics interface from some stencil set it will tedious and just not productive. Because you still have to work with layers of a particular element. It takes a lot of time and distracts from the main task of UI designer.

Fireworks have a built-in mechanism to automate routine processes. This mechanism is incorporated into the Rich Symbols, since they can help to achieve real freedom in Fireworks. Rich Symbols is essentially a simple document Fireworks, with layers and objects:

Rich Symbols just like a normal document in Fireworks, you can open and edit them. The only difference from the usual document is that they can be manipulated from JavaScript. Adobe provides extensive documentation for the symbols API, so you can learn what instructions are available in API.

The main advantage of  Rich Symbols what it’s a complete UI unit what has a configurable setting you can dynamically controlled from the  Rich Symbols properties in Fireworks.
You can manage properties of the symbols from the Symbols Properties Panel. Depending on specified symbol and its Java Script in the Symbols Properties Panel, one or another symbol can have a different number of parameters in its settings. From the symbol setting you can change the text in text boxes, control the visibility and transparency of the layers, control the color, font settings, etc.

Working with Fireworks, I created a library of symbols for the iPhone 4 & 4S. This library contains 84 symbols. It contains almost all of the standard UI elements of the operating system for phones iOS5 iPhone 4 & 4S.

To install this library in Fireworks, just download and run iPhone-Symbols.mxp file.

After the installation in your Common Library panel appear folder that names iPhone, which will contain all the symbols of the library. Simply move the desired character on the canvas and configure its settings in the Symbols Properties Panel.

The library supports automatic updating via Adobe extension Manager. So when I release updates the library, all you have to do is update the library and you'll have the latest version of the library.

PS. This library now ships with Adobe Fireworks CS6, so this library for Fireworks CS5 and less.

Release history:
0.1.0 - Initial release

Package contents:
84 Customazible Symbols

For bugs and suggestions: Github Issue tracker